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Project QA136
Title Shoreditch Housing
Location London
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  • Located in a Shoreditch Conservation area, this bold, mixed use building replaces a low rise on a corner plot to complete a historic street. This project is seen as a further exploration of this fascinating area, which has seen us research many sites and projects, including the pending construction of the Grade 2 Listed Infant school, also on Club Row.

    The complex building facades have been designed to deal with issues of privacy, views and light while responding to the need to control noise in this noisy and active 24-hour neighbourhood. A modern residential language that incorporates sliding doors, translucent glass blocks and external perforated metal hinged shutters is radical, while referencing the Hugenot Silk weavers houses that previously stood on the site.

    Cut away section

    The cut away section reveals a top lit single staircase building with open South facing views to the rear with double facade with external screens to the North and East elevations and natural light to the basement. The building is intended to weave itself into the existing fabric of the Conservation area through scale and materiality while still carrying on a radical spirit

    Historical research showed images of the Hugenot silk weavers live / work houses that originally stood on the site used shutters to control privacy light and noise. These images and stories from the past have been used to enrich the design that continues the spirit of this vibrant and colourful neighbourhood.